Flash Fiction Contest: Second Place Winner

Day 4 of Teen Tech Week and DBRLTeen honors the Second Place winner of our Flash Fiction Contest. But, before moving on with our announcement, it is important to take a moment to acknowledge the behind-the-scenes heroes of our competition: Our area educators and school librarians. These individuals have shared this opportunity with their students while encouraging them to develop as writers. DBRLTeen thanks you for your support! Our Second Place honor goes to Robert Simms of Columbia.

Full Circle

We were savage once. Fighting over ideas and beliefs and items only as valuable as we wanted them to be. Perhaps that’s why you did what you did. You couldn’t see what we would become.

Our violence gave way to trust and our enemies became our brothers. With our internal struggles behind us, we blossomed. We left our planet, and took to the stars. Our solar system, barren and cold, we brought to life, each planet terraformed, allowed to flourish.

We sculpted meteorites into works of art, and created stars where before only blackness existed. We moved out into our galaxy, leaving works of beauty and wonder, creating new life on planets where nothing existed but dust. It was our Renaissance, and we thought it would never end. We were foolish,  forgetting how cruel reality is.

When your weapon tore apart our solar system, we felt an old emotion, rage. This message from across the void is more warning than you gave us. We may be peaceful, but we have not forgotten how to kill. You will pay for your sins against humanity. We are coming for you.

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2 Responses to Flash Fiction Contest: Second Place Winner

  1. Astra says:

    Ugh, you guys are bringing me down. There’s no freaking way I’m going to get first place competing with stuff like this 😛

  2. Madison says:

    Bobby? good job!!!!