What We’re Reading: December 2011

Every so often, I like to ask our staff what teen books they’ve been reading lately. As you can imagine, they were pretty eager to share their new favorites. Steampunk romance-adventure. Beauty queens on a stranded island. Wharf rat meets wealthy girl in a dystopian future. Here’s a list to give you some ideas for that next great read. Have you already read one of these books? Feel free to submit your own book review or share your thoughts as a blog comment!

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Gadget addict, amateur photographer, schnauzer lover, connoisseur of fine children's and young adult literature, and DBRLTeen blog coordinator.
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2 Responses to What We’re Reading: December 2011

  1. Travis Naughton says:

    Hi Brandy! I would like to strongly recommend the book Rival by Sara Bennett Wealer. It is the story of two teen girls who are in a high school choir whose friendly rivalry becomes not-so-friendly. The book uses a unique two-narrator style that keeps it moving along nicely and is entertaining even to those of us not included in the Young Adult demographic. The author has a great website that you can get more info from: http://sarabennettwealer.com/. Happy reading!

  2. Brandy says:

    Thanks for the great recommendation! Feel free to pass along book suggestions anytime!