Gateway Mondays: Cat on a Fat Tin Roof

Fat Cat by Robin Brande

Cat Locke has decided to use herself as the subject for her science experiment. She will spend the school year living as much like our prehistoric ancestors as possible. This means no processed foods and no technology. She expects that changes will happen to her physical appearance, no more being called “Fat Cat.” What she doesn’t anticipate are the changes that occur on the inside as she goes through this journey. As she sheds her extra weight, she also finds herself working through old grudges and finding forgiveness.

This was a very inspiring book. It makes me want to be like Cat and really do what needs to be done to get healthy. However, I feel that Brande glosses over just how hard it really is to do that. Processed, chemically laden food is EVERYWHERE and it’s so much more convenient than cooking everything from scratch! It is really much harder to avoid than she lets on, so you may find yourself thinking, “Wow, it seemed so easy for Cat. Why is it so hard for me?” Still, overall I really enjoyed this book. It was light and funny, romantic and inspiring.

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One Response to Gateway Mondays: Cat on a Fat Tin Roof

  1. Dana says:

    I loved this book! I laughed out loud through the whole thing!