Gateway Mondays: Before and After

After by Amy Efaw

What could possibly drive a person to abandon a newborn baby in the trash? After by Amy Efaw is the story of 15-year-old Devon Davenport, soccer star, straight-A student and now, attempted murderer. As Devon meets with her court-appointed attorney to prepare for the hearing to decide whether she should be tried as a juvenile or an adult, she gradually pieces together what has really happened over the past several months. We also learn more about her early life and the events that lead up to “That Morning.”

By exploring the psychological influences that led Devon to commit such a horrifying crime, Efaw manages to turn Devon from a monster into someone I was able to sympathize with. This book points to the fact that there is a human aspect to be considered behind every news headline. If you are interested in psychology or criminal justice then I highly recommend this book.

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