Gateway Mondays: The Chosen One

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Why I Checked It Out:  Because I am trying to read something other than dystopian fiction.

Why I Liked It:  You are engulfed from the first page in deft storytelling.  I read this book in two hours; it is a fast and transfixing story about 13-year-old Kyra who is one of 19 siblings in her father’s and three mothers’ family.  She has only known a simple, but strict life, on her home compound with the Apostles and the Prophet Childs.  All of that changes when a bookmobile driver stops alongside the road and opens Kyra’s world with his “forbidden, immoral” books.  Kyra dreams of something more, but cannot imagine leaving her family until a series of events force her to make hard choices.  The Chosen One is a beautifully tragic and realistically described story of a girl who loves her family, loves a boy, and loves to read in a world where these things cannot coexist.

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