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Time travel offers a lot of storytelling possibilities.  There are so many periods to visit, amazing events to witness and famous people to meet.  Despite the almost limitless possibilities of time travel, there is generally one important rule to follow: Don’t change anything or you will screw things up.  This is usually a hard rule to follow, but speculation about how a change will affect the present is the thing  I find most interesting in these tales.  There are plenty of good books of this type out there.  Here are four that I found entertaining.

TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow

Three teens from different time periods are rescued moments before each of them dies and trained to prevent other time travelers from changing history.  Their first mission is to thwart the plans of a scientist from the future who wants to help the Nazis win World War II.  A great read for those who like time travel stories.  Highly recommended.  Check out the sequel Day of the Predator if you enjoy this one.

 House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo

After the Kings move into a spooky, old mansion, brothers Xander and David soon discover a secret hallway full of doors that transport them across time and space.  Each boy goes on an adventure, one to the Roman Colosseum and the other to a dangerous jungle, before they learn the shocking secret behind why their father bought the house.  First in the Dreamhouse Kings series.

The Project by Brian Falkner

Two boys go on a hunt for the “Most Boring Book in the World” only to discover that it may hold the secret to Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest invention.  Unfortunately, a secret organization wants the book so it can travel back in time to, guess what, help the Nazis win World War II.  The time travel is saved for the end in this fast paced action thriller.

Timeline by Michael Crichton

A group of archaeologists travel back to Medieval France to save a professor who discovered time travel.  This book is a little more technical than some younger readers might want, but it gets really exciting once the group makes it to the past.  I read a lot of Crichton when I was younger and would recommend several of his books.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be doing another Variety Pack next month.  See you then.

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