Staff Review: Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

“Dear Ed, In a sec you’ll hear a thunk.” Min Green, lover of old movies, is about to leave a box on the doorstep of Ed Slaterton, co-captain of the high school basketball team. In it is “every last souvenir of the love we had, the prizes and debris of this relationship.” The box includes bottle caps, a protractor, a toy truck, a rubber band, a coat, and an egg cuber.

I just finished reading Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and I highly recommend it. The author does a great job of letting you inside Min’s head so that you can understand the depth of her feelings. The illustrations add to the story, sometimes telling more than the words. Through Min’s letter you see the relationship develop, though you already know it doesn’t end well. And with Min writing about the past, she is able to say in hindsight, “the idiot that I was…” to give the reader clues as to what is coming.

Just for fun be sure to look at the back cover (hardcover edition) which includes various authors’ quotes about past heartbreak. For more break up stories and info on the author and illustrator Maira Kalman, visit The Why We Broke Up Project .

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