Resources for New Graduates at Your Library

How Do You Work This Life Thing? by Lizzie PostMany people think of the library as the place to do research for school reports and projects. But we also offer many resources for life beyond school.

“Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?” addresses common concerns associated with “Finding, landing and keeping your first real job.”

In “How Do You Work This Life Thing?” Lizzie Post casts a wide etiquette net, offering advice on dealing with roommate problems, what to wear where, job issues, dating, cell phone protocol and more.

Anyone setting up housekeeping for the first time will benefit from “Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook,” a practical and comprehensive guide to household organization and maintenance.

“Your Life, Your Money” is aimed at helping young adults start off on sound financial footing.

The Missouri Bar Association’s brochure, “Turning 18,” has helpful information for anyone, covering topics such as jury duty, who can perform a marriage, and what your credit rating means.

For those who are finally finished with required classes, public library programs provide a stress-free chance to learn for fun.

See our catalog list for more resources.

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