Teen Review: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Reviewer: James W.

Why you liked this book: My parents have a rule about reading the book before watching the movie, so I took their advice and read the book “Jurassic Park.” This book is about people who are studying and battling dinosaurs: Veloceraptors, Tyrannosaurs, and some others that will blow you away.

The part where one of the characters gets his guts torn out by a Veloceraptor will give you the chills. When I got to that part, it felt like a knife had been driven into my chest. My heart was beating like 25 miles per hour. I had to turn my Kindle off for a few minutes to collect myself. I looked at my clock and it said 10:30 p.m. I had been reading for two hours straight! My eyes were watery, but you know what? That did not stop me. I turned on my Kindle again and finally got over the scary part. That was only until two chapters later, when there was more insanity!

I would recommend this book. However, you should know it has some humorous remarks that include a few bad words. I mean, after all, it’s an adult book so you have to be a little mature. I am glad that I took my parents advice and read the book. I am now really anxious to watch the movie and have already started the next book, “The Lost World.”

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