Teen Review: The Lost World by Michael Crichton

Reviewer: James W.

Why you liked this book: I don’t know if you have read my book review of “Jurassic Park,” but if you have, then you probably checked it out. The next book in the series is “The Lost World” which has even more Tyrannosaurs, Veloceraptors, and blood.

In one of the attacks, Dodgson gets caught in the mouth of a Tyrannosaur and is thrown into a nest of babies. He attempts to run away, but the Tyrannosaur rams him back head over heels. Then his leg is caught in the jaws of a baby Tyrannosaur! The next part gave me the chills, so it would be safer if I skip it.

Three words that describe this book: bloody, horrifying, heart-stopping.

You might pick this book up if… you like dinosaurs or horrifying books.

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