Polly Shulman: Inspired by Fantasy

Author Polly Shulman

Our two favorite twins, Hayden and Garett Ballard, are back this week interviewing Polly Shulman, author of the Truman Award-nominated title, “The Grimm Legacy.” Polly has written about edible jellyfish, Egyptian tombs, infinity, blind dates, books, brains, centenarians, circuses, and cinematic versions of Jane Austen novels. She edits news stories about fossils, meteors, the ocean, the weather, and the planets for Science magazine. This week Hayden and Garett explore some of Polly’s favorite fairy tales, authors, and books.

Hayden: What are some of your favorite fairy tales?

Polly: I have about a thousand favorite fairytales. I really like “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” because I love the idea of having a trap door in your bedroom that leads to a magical room with dancing all night and forests made of gold, silver, and diamonds.

Garett: What is your favorite book?

Middlemarch” by George Eliot is my favorite book. It’s actually an adult novel. My favorite children’s book is “The Princess and the Goblin” by George McDonald. It was written about 150 years ago, but it’s still a wonderful, magic story.

Garett: Who is your favorite author?

Polly: Like fairy tales, there are just so many authors that I love. It is very hard to pick just one. I’m tempted to say Shakespeare or Jane Austen, but I’m going to say Diana Wynne Jones. She wrote fantasy novels for kids and they are absolutely wonderful. Her books are funny and deep and exciting. Her characters are surprising and believable. I just love every one of her books!

Next Monday, Hayden and Garett will wrap up our interview series with Polly by asking her about the second novel in her Repository series, “The Wells Bequest.

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