Flash Fiction Contest: Third Place Winner

We received 15 outstanding entries for this year’s Flash Fiction Contest. We challenged area teen writers to create their own original mystery, suspense, or horror story in 250 words or less. That amounts to three paragraphs, more or less. To raise the stakes, contest participants also had to incorporate the ominous phrase, “It came from the library…”

Today we are proud to announce our third place winner: Sydni  Heaven for her story, “The Hamilton Library.” She will receive a $15 gift card to Barnes & Noble as her award.

The Hamilton Library by Sydni Heaven

I will never get over my experience in that library.  The rain was coming down with force, pounding my car unmercifully.  I couldn’t see anything beyond three feet of the car. After hearing the tornado siren, I knew I needed to pull over.  I pulled up to a library that had suddenly closed down after a mysterious “mishap.”  The boards on the window were rotting and I easily broke in.

I sat down in a chair near the window.  That’s when I felt the first scratch.  I yelped out more in surprise than in pain.  After jumping out of the chair, I examined it and saw nothing that looked menacing, but I switched chairs just to be safe.  A few minutes passed, and that’s when I felt another scratch. This one hurt more and made me very nervous.  My heart was pounding hard and if anyone else had been there, I bet they could have heard it.  I needed to leave and I was slowly creeping towards the open window when it suddenly slammed shut, and my arm was cut by what felt like a knife.  The cut was long and slow and some of the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life.  I screamed as loud as I could in a hope for help as I sprinted out of the building.

Now whenever someone asks me about the hideous scar that courses down my forearm, I tell them it came from the library.

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