Books for Dudes: “The Warrior’s Heart”

The Warrior's Heart by Eric GreitensI’m starting 2013 off by recommending a book that might motivate you to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

From China to Bolivia to Rwanda to Iraq, Eric Greitens has seen a lot of the world and done many incredible things.  “The Warrior’s Heart” is his account of a life as a humanitarian volunteer and Navy SEAL. While growing up in St. Louis he dreamed of living an adventurous life. In college he set out to make this a reality, traveling abroad to study and help those less fortunate than himself.  These travels made him mentally tough and prepared him for the biggest challenge of his life, becoming a SEAL . If you want to know what true perseverance is, you must read his account of “Hell Week.”

Aside from being a really engaging story, this book is also a great motivational tool. His main message is that challenging yourself and serving others leads to a richer life experience. While not many people will become a Navy SEAL or see as much of the planet, he makes it plain that everyone has his or her own challenges to overcome and missions to accomplish and that living up to one’s potential is the ultimate goal.

This book is the young adult adaptation of the “The Heart and the Fist.”

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