Staff Review: Shelter by Harlan Coben

Mickey’s a likeable kid who’s had to grow up way too fast. His father died in a car crash and his mother turned to drugs to cope, leaving Mickey to fend for himself. The author reveals little by little that Mickey has actually had an extraordinary childhood due to his father’s career, and his experiences have prepared him for dealing with his new circumstances. He makes friends with some colorful characters at his new school who prove to be useful allies when he investigates the mystery that begins with a crazy old neighbor telling him that his father isn’t really dead.

Why I checked it out: It’s a Gateway Award nominee this year.

Why I liked it: Mysteries and suspense are not normally my thing, but this book explored some serious issues, and the characters were witty. Plus, it had the requisite twists and turns of a good mystery, so I might just pick up the sequel, “Seconds Away.”

Three words that describe this book: suspenseful, clever, funny.

If you like this book, you might also like… “Stormbreaker” by Anthony Horowitz, “Virals” by Kathy Reichs, and “The Boxer and the Spy” by Robert B. Parker.

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