Homemade Holiday Gifts Get Steamy!

I love steampunk.  Love it.  I adore corsets and top hats and everything covered in gears.  What is this “steampunk” I speak of?  So glad you asked!

Most things steampunk are heavily influenced by the Victorian Age, between 1837 and 1901. This classical age is mixed up with fantasy, typically filled with mechs, automatons, mad scientists and dirigibles.  While the creations are complex, one of the main themes of the genre is the presence of advanced technology based on outdated sources of power, thus all the steam and gears.

Steampunk had its start in literature, but has influenced everything from music to movies to art.  One of my favorite aspects is the aesthetic and I enjoy finding new and creative things to craft in the style of steampunk.  A great thing about steampunk, is that a lot of it  is found objects.  Old buttons, busted watches and cast-off keys are a great beginning to a project.  It’s easy to pull together a one-of-a-kind gift for someone out of your own junk drawer!

We have some great books to help you get started!

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