Books for Dudes – Jeff Smith’s “Bone”

While I enjoy checking out new series, there’s something to be said about enjoying an existing series from start to finish. Jeff Smith’s “Bone” series  has a complete story in the form of nine graphic novels. While these graphic novels can be quick reads, fun dialogue and bright characters pop on every page and will likely stay with you long after the story concludes.

Out_from_BonevilleIn the first graphic novel, “Out from Boneville,” we meet our main protagonist, Fone Bone. A small white creature, Fone Bone finds himself lost in a valley separated from his two cousins. Showing a talent for getting into trouble, Fone Bone immediately gets on the menu of hungry rat creatures, falls in love with a teenage girl who lives with her cow-racing grandmother, and even catches the attention of the mysterious Red Dragon. Fone Bone’s troubles have only just started.

“Bone” has something for everyone. Do you want a good fantasy story? Check. Do you want your characters to entertain you with humor? Check. Do you want an epic story with sword fights, a little romance, a lot of danger, and even some death? Check. Do you want a story featuring a sweet old lady who is just as likely to beat up monsters as to race cows? OK, maybe that last one is a little unique…

This story has lots of twists and turns to keep readers guessing. I enjoy how versatile this story is. While initially starting out like a Mickey Mouse adventure, readers are soon thrust into an adventure that actually more closely resembles “The Hobbit” and  “The Lord of the Rings.” Be sure to read the story in order, as most books spoil surprises in preceding volumes.

Jeff Smith is an excellent storyteller in not only his writing, but also his art. Characters’ humorous expressions really tickle the funny bone (pun very much intended). These stories were originally done in black and white and updated later with  coloring. From the greens of the Valley to the dark colors of the Dragons’ caves and the Rat Creature battles, each page pops with color and action. I highly recommend this series for travelers, quest seekers, troublemakers, adventurers, and fantasy lovers.

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