Books for Dudes – “Blackout”

Robison Wells, author of popular YA books “Variant” and “Feedback,” begins a new YA series with “Blackout.” This thriller starts with super-powered teens attacking Hoover Dam, and the action only gets bigger from there. These teen terrorist attacks are happening all over the U.S., and the devastation is pretty epic. (Hint: You don’t want to be a fictional character living in Chicago in this book.)

indexThe terrorists, however, are not the only teens with powers. Teens all over the country randomly start exhibiting powers. Jack, a former student turned janitor at his old high school, is shocked to see his entire school rounded up by the government, just as his old friend Aubrey turns invisible and escapes. Jack and Aubrey go on the run to avoid the government and try to find out why Aubrey has powers, while another perspective follows the terrorists trying to pick more damaging targets. The government blames a virus–but if so, how was it transmitted, why is it only affecting teens, and why are so many of the teens terrorists? Wells provides an interesting take on powers, and he has a flair for unexpected betrayals and bad situations becoming much worse.

If you’re a fan of X-Men or any other superhero fiction, chances are you’ll enjoy this book. Wells sets himself apart from other superhero fiction with his unusual take on traditional powers. For instance, instead of invisibility, Aubrey actually has the power to just be unnoticed by people around her. A terrorist doesn’t have complete mind control, but he can add or change memories to get what he wants. The power descriptions were as entertaining as finding out what happens next…speaking of, read this book and then join me in waiting for its sequel!

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