Staff Review: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

The Moon and More by Sarah DessenEmaline has just graduated from high school and she is facing some very important decisions. Is it important to go to an Ivy League university, or is an in-state college acceptable? Does she want to be in a committed, long-term relationship, or is she looking for a summer fling? Does she want to continue to have contact with her biological father, or is it worth the emotional investment? Emaline is trying to find her way while dealing with two step-sisters, a half-brother, her mother, her grandmother, her adopted dad, her summer job and assorted friends.

Why I liked it: The characters are believable. Emaline’s family has its share of sibling rivalry, but also love and support. Emaline has to do some hard thinking about what is right for her, not just accepting what other people think she should do.

Three words to describe the book: Humorous, realistic, thought-provoking.

Other books by Sarah Dessen:What Happened to Goodbye,” “Along for the Ride,” “Lock and Key,” “Just Listen,” “The Truth About Forever” and “Keeping the Moon.”

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