Teen Winners in Callaway County Poetry Contest

2014 Poetry Contest Winners

2014 Poetry Contest Winners & Judges

Thanks to all the young poets who submitted entries in the 2014 Callaway County Youth Poetry Contest, sponsored by the Callaway County Public Library and the Auxvasse Creative Arts Program. These organizations honored the winners of the contest on Thursday, May 1 at the Callaway County Public Library in Fulton. This year’s contest was judged by Clarence Wolfshohl and Denise Felt. Dallin Rickabaugh, Garett Ballard and Anna Casady  were among those teens recognized for their exemplary work.

Pictured on the front row: Elise Klein, Lia Bondurant, Anna Klein, Corrie Bolton, Anna Casady.

Pictured on the back row: Clarence Wolfshohl (judge), Garett Ballard, Haley Garrett, Dallin Rickabaugh, Denise Felt (judge).

“Synesthesia” by Dallin Rickabaugh (1st Place)

Imagine a world
where music is seen.
Replace the crow of the alarm clock
with the blood red beat of a drum
coursing through your veins.
You get dressed for the day,
and waves of violet jazz surround you,
lifting your spirits
and twirling you about.
The olive green rock’n roll
that shaped your mom and dad
in those gold and silver days
drives you down the highway
towards your bland, white cubicle.
Work diligently
to the black and blue
bass and drum
that fuel those droning hours.
Come home and relax
To the white snowfall
Of light piano,
And the bright sunshine of acoustic guitar.
Fall asleep
to the soft
red clouds
of violas,
as they
Only to
Wake up again
The next morning,
Hearing the loud sun
Through your window pane.
This world turns
With a smooth,
Purple swoosh,
So silent and silver
But only the celestials
Can hear it.
But we see
That music
Every day,
In the love of our family,
In the smiles of our friends,
In the beating of our hearts.

“Imagine a World” by Garett Ballard (2nd Place)

I imagine a world with freedom and flare
A place to be you, if you dare
I imagine a world with music and art
A place with creativity, right from the start
I imagine a world with thousands of smiles
A place like no other for miles and miles,
I imagine a world with beauty and care,
A place where everyone is eager to share.
I imagine a world where you never run late,
A place where you remember every date
I imagine a world with plenty of fun
A place where everyone is united as one.
I imagine a world with no cold or disease
A place with words like thank you and please
I imagine a world where all are polite
A place with peace, not a single fight
I imagine a world that will never be tame
A place where you be yourself, no need to have fame
I imaging a world with people to lead
A place with everything, all that you need
I imagine a world with color and shine
Clearly a world that was meant to be mine.

“Someday” by Anna Casady (3rd Place)

I imagine a world where someday I’ll be,
a world that is new and waiting for me.
A world with no hardships, no sickness no deaths,
a mansion of glory for souls to find rest.
Someday I’ll see the people I loved,
who have passed onto glory and the riches above.
Someday, I’ll see Christ, who died just for me,
and purchased my pardon on Calvary’s tree.
When my time comes to see my Lord’s face,
I’ll kneel down and thank him for His wonderful grace.
Life will be sweet and my joys complete,
when someday my Saviors face I will see.
You can live in this world where I’ll be,
if you let go of pride and choose to believe.

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