Middle School Primary Sources

Since History Day is for grades 6-12, younger students (such as middle school students) participating in History Day may consider using these sources in the juvenile non-fiction area of the children’s department.

“In Their Own Words” book series
Books in this series offer a look at primary sources related to the Holocaust, the Great Depression, the sinking of the Titanic, World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War. Books in this series may be checked out.

“Looking at Literature through Primary Sources” book series
This series uses primary sources to help students understand literature by learning about what was happening in society at the time that a work of literature took place. Titles covered by this series includes “Moby Dick” (and the 19th century whaling industry), “The Red Badge of Courage” (and the American Civil War), “Treasure Island” (and 18th century pirates), “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (and the Abolitionist Movement), “Huckleberry Finn” (and discussions of race) and “Johnny Tremain” (and the American Revolutionary War). Books in this series may be checked out.

“Primary Source History of the United States” book series
This book series gives readers a chance to review primary documents for virtually every period of U.S. History, from the first European settlement in 1492 up to the present day. Books in this series may be checked out.

“Primary Sources in American History” book series
Different books in this series cover topics including the Transcontinental Railroad, the Erie Canal, the Alamo, the Women’s Rights Movement, the Salem Witch Trials, the California Gold Rush, the Pony Express, the Homestead Act of 1862, Manifest Destiny, the Mexican-American War, the Reconstruction and the Industrial Revolution through a review of related primary sources. Books in this series may be checked out.

“Primary Sources of Political Systems” book series
This book series uses primary sources to give details about the history of various political systems and how and where they have been used. Systems covered include socialism, monarchy, colonialism, communism, dictatorship and democracy. Books in this series may be checked out.

“Twentieth-century America: A primary source collection from the Associated Press ” book set
This 10-volume set offers access to primary sources in the form of chronological news articles from every era of the 20th century. The set also has an index so that relevant articles may be found by topic as well as by date. DBRL owns multiple copies of the books in this set – some may be checked out, but others are for in-library use only.

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