Books for Dudes – Jinxes, Mazes and More

Summer is officially here. Time for kicking back and relaxing, trying new book series, and then scrambling to get the next part when you get to a riveting cliffhanger…yep, suckered again.

JinxJinx. Jinx had a rough childhood – his parents died, his step parents tried to abandon him off the path in the Urwald (and the number one rule is don’t step off the path), and then he’s found by a possible evil wizard. And that’s all in the first chapter! While Jinx has his doubts about the wizard Simon, he finds this crotchety magician isn’t as evil as he appears. And when Jinx realizes that Simon isn’t the only one with magic, his real adventure begins. He better learn the rules fast though, as he’ll eventually encounter the real evil wizard…the Bonemaster.

I loved the creatures in this book – in addition to typical werewolves and trolls, we have witches that ride butter churns, werebears, and more. Even the trees have character (although not necessarily kind) in this fun novel. But of course, author Sage Blackwood couldn’t leave us without a cliffhanger, and Jinx’s adventures continue in Jinx’s Magic and Jinx’s Fire. I’ll be adding them to my pile…

Maze RunnerThe Maze Runner. Shame on me. I’ve read most big dystopian series and fantasy series (and most of them before they ever become a big deal), but James Dashner’s popular series was always under my radar. Now I’ve finally entered the maze…and it’s a pretty freaky place!

When Thomas wakes up, the only thing he remembers about himself is his name. He’s also surrounded by teenage boys whose memories are also gone, and their words are strange. The first thing he hears is, “Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade.”  The Glade is one part work community and one part terrifying maze deathtrap. Me, I admit my survival instinct would be put more firmly on the working to keep the established community going, but Thomas has a surprising instinctual urge to join the Maze Runners – those teens who run the ever-changing maze each day in hopes of finding a way for everyone to escape. Oh yeah, and there are terrifying creatures in the maze called Grievers, which basically resemble giant slime balls with a bunch of sharp tools and needles sticking out of them waiting to kill you. Lovely. (Dear readers–if you’re currently figuring out where you’re going to take a vacation this summer, please skip the Glade.) This adventure is really fast-paced, and of course, three more books (two parts sequel with The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, one part prequel with The Kill Order) are also now on my reading pile.


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Project Teen: Tremendous T-shirt Art

Batman's ToolbeltProject Teen: Tremendous T-shirt Art
Bring some old t-shirts and redesign them into something super! We’ll work with bleach and paint, so dress accordingly. There will be free pizza. Ages 12-18.

Columbia Public Library
Monday, July 20 at 1 p.m.
Registration required.
To sign up, call (573) 443-3161.
Southern Boone County Public Library
Thursday, July 23 at noon.
No registration required.

Photo by Flickr User Reclamation Revolution. Used under Creative Commons license.

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Reminder for Summer Reading Finishers

KindleAs part of the Teen Summer Reading Challenge, we have asked area young adults to read for 20 hours, share three book reviews and complete seven fun library-related activities. Beginning Monday, July 6, Summer Reading finishers can visit any of our three library branches or bookmobile stops and claim their free book. We will have a wide selection of juvenile and young adult titles for you to choose from.

Best of all, if you finish, your name will also be entered into a drawing for a free Kindle E-reader (black and white)! This program is ongoing through August 15, so there is still several weeks of good reading time left.

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Project Teen: Mask-Making

Project Teen: Mask-MakingTeen Mask
Friday, July 10 • Noon-1:30 p.m.
Callaway County Public Library

Create a mask that shows your super side (or your silly side or your creative side or whoever you have inside you). Plus, enjoy a free pizza lunch. Ages 12-18. No registration required.

Photo by Flickr User Zoe. Used under Creative Commons license.

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2016 Gateway Award Nominees

2016 Gateway Award Nominees The Gateway Readers Award honors a young adult novel that is selected by Missouri high school students. Even though this award is administered by the Missouri Association of School Librarians (MASL), it is the responsibility of Missouri teens to vote on the actual winner. These titles will be voted upon by students in March 2016; the recipient of the award will be announced in late April 2016 at the annual MASL Spring Conference. There is a great assortment of genres represented in this year’s list of nominees, so have fun choosing among historical fiction, realistic fiction, and, of course, dystopian literature. Continue reading

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Next Month: Cosplay Costume Con for All Ages

Cosplay Banner 1

Cosplay Costume Con for All Ages
Come to the library dressed as your favorite character! Whether superhero, anime, sci-fi or your own original design, we want to see you as you usually aren’t! Prizes will be given for costumes in different age categories, and participants can pose for some great photo ops. This program is for all ages! No registration required.

Columbia Public Library
Wednesday, July 22
at 6:00 p.m.
Callaway County
Public Library
Thursday, July 30
at 6:30 p.m.
Southern Boone County
Public Library
Tuesday, August 4
at 6:30 p.m.

Photos by Flickr User Marnie Joyce. Used under Creative Commons license.

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Program Preview: The Bronze Age to the Avengers

Lego Avengers

The Bronze Age to the Avengers
Wednesday, July 1 •  2-3:30 p.m.
Columbia Public Library

The very first tales were hero tales. They were written in clay, on papyrus and performed before huge crowds in open theaters. These tales are still told today in many other guises. Discuss how the heroes of ancient myths are still present in the books and movies of today. Then create your own versions using ancient techniques in clay, papyrus and paper. Ages 12 and older. Registration required. To sign-up, please call (573) 443-3161.

Photo by Flickr User Andrew Becraft. Used under Creative Commons license.

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“Every Hero Has a Story” Teen Photography Contest

Superhero Photo ContestHonor a hero in your life by submitting a portrait by August 15 with a short description of his or her inspiring deeds. Portraits may be headshots or photos that show your chosen hero in action. This contest is open to all teens in Boone and Callaway counties. Winners receive a gift card to Barnes & Noble and their entries will be posted on this site. Find contest rules and submission guidelines at or at your library. Ages 12-18.

Image by Used under Creative Commons license.

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